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Enjoy of great benefits

SLS URUGUAY introduces a Reward System that allows you to enjoy of great benefits. Whether those benefits are for personal enjoyment, corporate or to reward your employees, you can always count with excellent discounts, promotions and the ability to earn more miles when you pay using your SLS Visa card.


As part of our Reward System, SLS URUGUAY introduces SLS Trips

SLS Trips is the platform where travelers from all over the world can purchase air tickets, accommodation and car rental; and earn by negotiating your airline miles, points in loyalty programs in hotels and with car rental companies.

This is how we all win: you receive money safely for your offer and a traveler gets a ticket, accommodation or car rental at an excellent price.


We offer a comprehensive employee rewards program for the members of your company

Recognition and rewards from managers and peers is a top factor that helps raise overall employee engagement and leads to improved job performance. Recognize and reward your people with an employee rewards program that is customized to your values and show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts.


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on how we can help you build a Rewards or Benefits Program that will suit your company needs.