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KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing

SLS URUGUAY offers you a wide varierty of services that you can rely on that will allow your company to go beyond its growth by outsourcing your core business processes with us and relying on us as a  supplier that provides a team of highly qualified and specialized professionals at a competitive cost.


Among the services that we offer, you will find legal processes, engineering, intellectual property, web application development and animation. We also include CAD applications, business intelligence, market research among others.



Specialized assistance, experts in the legal field with real experience, regarding the application of the current regulations of the country, in all the activities in which the law is part of the company.

Create processes that allow a sustainable management of resources and the generation of technologies that reduce the environmental impact.

Based on the pillars of transparency and flexibility to address a wide range of tax needs. Technical knowledge and experience necessary for business tax compliance.

To determine what is the current state of the company’s assets. What modifications should be generated in pursuit of the fulfillment of goals.

Establish the necessary mechanisms for the financial and accounting area of ​​the company to function in accordance with current legal requirements in a timely manner.

Research that allows us to recognize business opportunities, improve sales processes, increase opportunities and add value to the product.

To take advantage of new resources that a company may not have, and that allow it access to implement new actions or business processes.


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