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ITO - Information Technology Outsourcing

SLS URUGUAY offers a wide array of technological services set to meet the needs and standards of our clients. Our technical services include Software, Technological Platforms, Infrastructure, IT services, Cloud Management, Data Center Management, Software, Programs, Platform and Application testing services, among others.


We look to innovate in the technical field so we can provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology.



To handle updated data and react quickly and in a timely manner to the constant changes that the business field experiences.

To study the performance of the different organizational areas and find new trends in the market.

It’s a more accurate alternative to paper schedules or time cards, and ensures that you get paid for every second you work.

Technological resources that optimize processes, access to data and new market opportunities. Accelerate and boost the positioning of a product.

Set to use for the improvement of processes and customer service, optimizing associated resources of all kinds. Accelerate times. Automate processes.

Application of technological platforms that allow us to simplify activities and processes within the company, optimizing the resources of the organization.

The development of a new project requires conscientious work, time, resources, diverse and trained professionals.

In addition, extensive experience in the assembly to achieve planning, see the feasibility of the project and achieve the objectives.


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