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BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

SLS URUGUAY offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to its clients. Our services are less expensive, more efficient and effective than those of our competitors within the industry.


Our BPO Services include Human Talent Services, Accounting, Environmental Management, Back Office, and Finance, among others.



Professional Support in the Management of your Assets

Keep a permanent updated control, thus reducing losses and risks.

Professional assessment

Focus your efforts on developing products and services while responsing quickly to changes in the market. We will handle the rest!

By outsourcing you have direct access to a series of services, supplies and professionals, which would otherwise require great resources of time and planning from the company.

It allows access to trained professionals with extensive experience in the selection of personnel.

Their training allows them to efficiently assess the capabilities of the candidates and find the best professional to suit the specific position vacant.

Access to an armed and proven structure that allows to optimize costs and times, in which the product travels from the production outlet to the places of sale.

Our reverse logistics service allows our clients to have an expert supplier in handling the return of their products when needed.

To optimize the management of the finances of a company and efficiently comply with the requirements established by the government of each country.

It allows companies to focus on being efficient in what is part of the soul of their business, accessing professionals who are trained and updated in all regulations, activities and innovations, to have healthy financial statements.

Our approach is focused on maintaining an exceptional relationship with your clients, which allows us to offer extraordinary results in Portfolio Collection, while protecting the liquidity of your company.


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